I am Łukasz Wiktorzak, a multidisciplinary Digital Artist based in Warsaw, Poland.

I specialize in post-production and the final touch, both still images and CGI animation. My experience has been gained over 10 years in a professional environment, when I had the opportunity to work for some of the biggest of today's world like Disney, BMW, Mazda, Nike and Facebook. 
Since 2019, I have been working as Senior Promo Artist at CD Projekt Red, where I am responsible for marketing assets and Cover Art, among other things. At the same time, I continue my career as a freelancer, which allows me to choose only those projects that interest me.

In my work, I combine 2D and 3D techniques, so that in addition to post-production, I successfully deal with matte painting, look development and color grading. In my animation workflow, I use node-oriented compositing software. Besides, I always try to have some free time for personal projects where I focus on mood and storytelling.
In addition to the huge number of awards associated with my teams, in 2023 I was selected by the Luerzer's Archive Jury to be one of the 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide and printed in their annual book. This is my biggest award to date, and I hope it won't be the last.

If you feel that I am the person you need - be sure to let me know!
In the meantime, I wish you a pleasant stay while you explore my portfolio.

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